Immuno10 Probiotic Bars

certified organic
Gluten Free
Peanut free
Diary free
GMO Free

These chewy, delicious, plant-based bars contain 10 billion probiotics, 15 grams of fiber, 10 grams of protein, and only 3 grams of sugar. A delicious and convenient new way for you to add more probiotics to your diets. Have one for breakfast, snack, or on the go!


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Yes, you can! Our daily probiotic need is a minimum of 10 Billion, hence consuming one a day meets the minimum.

Each bar contains less than 3g of sugar.

No they do not contain nuts, and they are made in a nut free manufacturing plant.

YOSO IMMUNO10 Bar Testimonials

Hello YOSO Team! This was a great bar. I really liked the sugar content being 3-grams for the Immuno10 Chocolate Mint, 45g bar, and the taste was absolutely out of this world. - Catherine Lynn Roberts

Catherine Lynn Roberts

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