Food donation

YOSO Giving Back

YOSO is proud to have been apart of the community for many years and we are so happy that we are able to help in a positive way and provide the well needed support to those in need.

Thank you all for the continued support and the amazing coordination to make these donations happen!

“A big thank you to YOSO for your recent donation of IMMUNO10 Bars and plant-based dairy products. Since 2016, YOSO has donated more than 182,000 pounds of plant-based food, including yogurt, to support the more than 40,500 people in need in our community. While YOSO’s donations can be enjoyed by anyone, they are also a dairy alternative for people who are lactose intolerant, have a dairy sensitivity, or are vegan. We distribute the products we receive to agencies within the Community Food Assistance Network to support various community programs that are providing emergency food assistance. We’re truly grateful for YOSO’s ongoing support to help feed Waterloo region.”

Guelph  food bank

“It is always nice to be able to offer our diverse clientele with additional nutritious food options. These bars are great for individuals with common food sensitivities / allergies and are something that may otherwise be out of reach for many. We are grateful to all of our donors, including YOSO, who make opportunities like this available to those we support.”

Gifts of the Heart

“YOSO has been a fantastic community partner of Gifts of the Heart. YOSO has donated chocolate yogurt, yogurt smoothies as well as many YOSO bars! Because of their generosity we were able to provide a sweet treat to our 222 students within the Brantford community on multiple occasions as well as benefiting the families who access our pantry program. We can't thank them enough for all their community work!”

Daily bread food bank

“YOSO’s commitment to wellness and highly nutritious products speak to one of guiding principles in our right-based approach to food framework. We are committed to providing low-barrier service and equitable access to nutritious food at our 193 food programs at 128 agencies across Toronto which YOSO has actively supported through this IMMUNO10 bar donation! Specifically, the donation was 1600 lbs! This is 24,160 servings of food, which can equate to the number of clients this donation has impacted.”