YOSO Supporting Local

We are a proud advocate of supporting local since day one. It helps to build our community. It contributes to low carbon footprint. Simply put, it's sustainable!

Field Farms Marketing Ltd. (FFM) is a Canadian, family-owned, farmer-first, organic, non-GMO and specialty crop grower, processor and elevator. FFM is proud to provide its customers with the highest quality non-GMO and organic food-grade ingredients at the best possible prices. We also farm our own organic acres and work closely with our network of hard-working organic farmers. FFM believes that growing healthy organic and non-GMO crops, regeneratively and the way nature intended, will help save our planet.

Blendtek is an extremely customer-centric, privately-owned company with a mission to challenge the status quo in the food industry. They are a trusted source for innovators in all areas of food manufacturing, and supply high-quality food ingredients, proprietary multi-ingredient blends, and inspiring development solutions.

Caldic serves as a one-stop shop meeting all the needs of the North American Food Industry - sourcing, R&D, warehousing, and distribution, not to mention a huge tool kit brimming with functional ingredients! We also offer technical formulation & processing support, shelf-life & analytical testing, and comprehensive regulatory documentation.

Whether you want to formulate with a tried-and-true flavor or innovate with a brand-new creation, having a great flavor partner accelerates your success. FlavorSum combines expertise, responsiveness, and infrastructure to deliver an all-in-one solution to help growing food and beverage companies improve their speed to market. Choose FlavorSum to create the delicious new products people are craving.

YOSO Local Supplier Testimonials

We at Field Farms Marketing Ltd. (FFM) admire the hard work and innovation at YOSO. We are proud to be the local “farm to fork” supplier of YOSO's certified organic soybeans. We respect YOSO’s aim to create a local, healthy, sustainable product that contributes to maintaining our beautiful country, its air, water, and soil!- Rita Felder, CEO and founder of Field Farms Marketing Ltd.

Rita Felder, CEO and founder of Field Farms Marketing Ltd.