YOSO General FAQs

YOSO General FAQs

The YOSO Brand is a plant based line that is great tasting and delivers many benefits, like probiotics, plantbased etc.

YOSO can be purchased through out Canada in various retailers (see: https://yoso.ca/pages/store-locator), or can be purchased directly with YOSO online www.YOSO.ca

YOSO is a 100% Canadian Brand. Our manufacturing plant is located in Cambridge, Ontario.

YOSO Yogurt FAQs

Yes, vegan-friendly yogurt and lactose-free yogurt contain just as many healthy, gut biome-supporting probiotics as natural dairy yogurt. This is true for all of YOSO's yogurt bases including Almond & Cashew, Oat, Coconut, and Soy.

Like dairy yogurt, vegan yogurt also relies on the fermentation process to acquire its consistency but does so using different mediums such as coconut, soy, pea, or cashew milk.To kickstart the fermentation process – some recipe authors may rely on yogurt starters, probiotic powder, or a different medium of live cultures that enrich the end product with probiotics.

Yes. A plant-based diet is considered to be nutrient-dense and packed with fiber, healthy fats, protein, vitamins, and minerals. It is a very healthy way of eating and can meet all of your nutrient needs.

YOSO Soy Yogurt FAQs

Like all yogurts, they will spoil if let out of the fridge, hence should be stored at 4 degees celcius in your refregerator

Yes you can, if you thaw it out the tuxture may be a little different, but it is completely safe to consume?

Soybeans and soy foods may reduce the risk of a range of health problems, including cardiovascular disease, stroke, coronary heart disease (CHD), some cancers as well as improving bone health. Soy is a high-quality protein – one or two daily serves of soy products can be beneficial to our health.

YOSO Coconut Yogurt FAQs

Coconut yogurt is plant-based, which ticks the box for many people. If you're vegan or lactose intolerant, then coconut yogurt can be a great alternative to dairy options.

Coconut yogurt is no different from any other yogurt, even though it has different components. Thus, whether your coconut milk is fresh, unopened, or just opened, it should go back in the fridge immediately and if it is out for more than 2-hours, throw it away!

Coconut is also known for its anti-inflammatory properties

YOSO Oat Yogurt FAQs

Yes, oat yogurt contains probiotics that are essential for a healthy digestive system and provide balanced gut health benefits to you. Yoso's oat yogurt contains 1 Billion per serving of live active cultures that support digestion and beneficial gut bacteria.

Oat Yogurt gives you energy and a feeling of fullness that really fuels the body. Also, the high soluble fiber content in this yogurt along with the probiotics helps to improve the digestion and metabolism rate in your body.

Oats are rich in a soluble fibre called beta-glucan, which has been shown to reduce cholesterol. So oat yoghurt may be helpful for your heart.

YOSO Almond & Cashew Yogurt FAQs

Yogurt should be consumed within 7-10 days after opening the seal

Because YOSO wants to offer a better tasting product with more protien per serving ... the best of both worlds!


YOSO, sends the product for testing to a third party to certify that it delivers the 10 billion probiotics per serving through it's shelf life.

YOSO uses is Bacillus subtilis DE111. This probiotic is backed by nine (9) human trials and is the only one in the world to be tested to show activity in the small intestines as soon as three hours after eating.


Yes, you can! Our daily probiotic need is a minimum of 10 Billion, hence consuming one a day meets the minimum.

Each bar contains less than 3-grams of sugar.

No they do not contain nuts, and they are made in a nut free manufacturing plant.

YOSO IMMUNO10 Smoothies FAQs

No, you can drink it as it's a ready to drink beverage!, but you can add it to what ever you like... for e.g you can make overnight oats with any of the flavors you desire.. We have done it ourselves and it is amazing!

Once opened you should consume it within 7-10 days.

Yes, the smoothies contain live cultures. Culters need to be kept cold.. idealy it should be in the refregerated at 4 degrees celcius.

YOSO Client Testimonials

Insanely delicious yogurt. When I went dairy free, I was concerned I would not find a good alternative. Now I am not sure I could eat dairy based yogurt again. - Laura Dawn Gud

Laura Dawn Gud