The first and only Plant-Based Smoothie with 10 Billion Probiotics per serving. That's a lot of probiotics!
Offered in three delicious herb-based flavours with functional ingredients to help improve gut health, immunity & more!


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YOSO Smoothie FAQ

No, you can drink it as it's a ready to drink beverage!, but you can add it to what ever you like... for e.g you can make overnight oats with any of the flavors you desire.. We have done it ourselves and it is amazing!

Once opened you should consume it within 7-10 days.

Yes, the smoothies contain live cultures. Culters need to be kept cold.. idealy it should be in the refregerated at 4 degrees celcius.

YOSO IMMUNO10 Smoothie Testimonials

Good taste, good delivery, would recommend! - Steve Takacs

Steve Takacs

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